A start-up developing an innovative cancer treatment

The start-up Nanobacterie, established in 2008, is a world leader in the medical applications of magnetic nanoparticles synthesized by magnetotactic bacteria, called magnetosomes.

We have developed an innovative cancer treatment using these magnetosomes, which are administered to tumors and heated by applying an alternating magnetic field. This method of treatment is called magnetic hyperthermia. The heat released by the magnetosomes induces antitumor activity.

Magnetosomes possess advantageous properties compared with their chemically synthesized counterparts, including a larger size leading to better heating properties and a chain arrangement that provides homogeneous heating.

Nanobacterie has already carried out two proofs of concept of our therapy in breast cancer and glioblastoma using mouse models. Of particular note, we demonstrated complete eradication of tumors in murine models of glioblastoma following treatment.

Nanobacterie aims to start clinical trials on an incurable cancer, such as glioblastoma, once the magnetosome suspension has been manufactured according to regulatory requirements, the safety of the treatment has been demonstrated and the magnetic induction system has been manufactured to medical standards.

Nanobacterie employs five people and works in close collaboration with several academic partners, including a medical team specializing in the treatment of glioblastoma at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital. It is located within the campus of Orsay/ Paris-Sud University.