Nanobacterie: Teamwork

Our company currently consists of:

– A scientific advisor, Edouard Alphandéry, who obtained a PhD in solid physics at the University of Oxford in England in 2002, followed by postdoctoral fellowships in physico-chemistry at Trinity College in Ireland and enzymology at the University of Washington in the United States. He has been a lecturer at Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC) since January 2006. He originally came up with the idea of ​​using magnetosomes to treat cancers using magnetic hyperthermia.

CV Edouard Alphandery

– A project leader, Imène Chebbi, who obtained a PhD in physico-chemistry at UPMC and joined Nanobacterie in 2010.

– A project manager, Raphael Le Fèvre, who undertook a thesis within the Nanobacterie company. Following completion of his PhD, Raphael joined Nanobacterie in September 2017.

– Several CIFRE PhD students as well as trainees (M2) coming from the various scientific fields of the Pierre and Marie Curie and Paris-Sud Universities.


Together, we bring the skills and expertise necessary for the development of our various research activities (optimization of the growth conditions of magnetotactic bacteria,  preparation of the magnetosome suspension and assessment of toxicity and efficacy of magnetosomes).

We are assisted by partners providing support in the following areas:
– Intellectual property (patent filing);
– Regulation (implementation of the quality assurance system, identification of regulatory toxicity tests, interaction with regulatory agencies);
– Financing (exploration of private and public funding options).